Site Services

Ardmore Craig and the KASL Engineering Group specialise in delivering a wide spectrum of top-tier site services, tailored to meet the unique needs of the our clients . With extensive expertise in fabrication, installation, and vessel mobilisations, we are your trusted partner for executing complex offshore and onshore projects efficiently and with uncompromising quality.

Site Services

Site Surveys & Mobilisations

Prior to any design work or concept development commencing, our team can assist with equipment surveys or vessel inspections with a wide range of experience of ship yards around the UK and abroad.

Our team also have considerable experience of assisting with numerous mobilisations - being on hand for our clients to solve any issues which crop up during installation work and to review that work is progressing as expected, thus ensuring any errors are spotted and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Fabrication & Assembly

In partnership with our fellow KASL group companies or external fabricators, Ardmore Craig can take a design from a screen/ paper and into being. We have proven experience in project managing the manufacturing stage of a design. Making sure the project is completed within budget, by the deadline and resolving any issues quickly and efficiently. 

If you require an existing design to be fabricated here within the UK, please get in touch with us using the contact form below or email us at

Site Services

The KASL Engineering Group of companies has it's own in-house team of site engineers that can deployed to your site or offshore installation. We can even deploy our mobile workshops directly to your site. These fully-equipped workshops bring the expertise of our technicians and engineers right to the heart of your project, reducing downtime and ensuring quick, effective solutions to any technical challenges that may arise. With Ardmore Craig you can count on comprehensive support and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our service to you. We often work with our clients existing project teams to manage the installation of fabrications, many of which are equipment designed by Ardmore Craig.

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