Project Engineering & Management

As a team of engineers who are capable of supporting a project from cradle to grave, we have the knowledge and understand to assist at every stage regardless of our prior involvement. At Ardmore Craig we understand the unique challenges that organisations face in bringing their projects to fruition. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the strategic guidance, technical proficiency, and hands-on support needed to navigate the complexities of project management and engineering.

Technical Services

Project Engineering & Project Management

Ardmore Craig offer a Project Engineering & Management service, allowing our customers to benefit from our in-group capabilities as well as our supply chain and established supplier relationships. 

At KASL Engineering Group, we have fabrication, machining, and assembly capabilities as well as our aforementioned supply chain, for both fabrication and the supply of bought out components.   

An inspection testing procedure (IPT) can be created and witnessed by Ardmore Craig during the build phase of a project. Both physical testing, such as proof loading, and quality assurance, such as weld inspections, can be undertaken. As built dimensional checks can also be included within our scope.

Our clients are able to focus on other tasks, with the knowledge that our team are managing things on their behalf - resolving any arising issues, assuring the highest quality, and facilitating the timely completion and delivery of their product to site.

Engineering Procurement

Ardmore Craig also provide a procurement service to our customers, sourcing and supplying bought out and machined components. In the first instance we seek to source from our other KASL Engineering Group companies, if this is not possible we then turn to contacts within our established supply chain. The scale and quantities supported are very much dependant on the needs of the individual project. 

If you're struggling to find a service, product or provider ask us, we may be able to help. 

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