Engineering Support

In addition to our full turnkey Design & Build service, we also offer technical support functions to assist in the delivery of your engineering projects. At Ardmore Craig our highly skilled team continue to deliver crucial engineering support beyond the design stage of a project.

Engineering Support


Using Nastran or Ansys Software, our team undertake finite element analysis using solid, shell or beam elements. We have extensive experience in this field and carry-out scopes ranging from simple linear analysis to much more complex multi-stage transient analysis. The size and complexity of the geometries used can also vary substantially, from small small scale simple models, such as lifting equipment, to larger scale very complex geometry such as a vessel under-deck structure.

Where required or applicable, structural analysis can also be carried out in STAAD Pro. This allows structures to be analysed using less processing power, equalling faster results. The subsequent results are then either interpreted by one of our team or the in-process programme code checker can be utilised.

As all our team are qualified engineers with a strong knowledge of mechanical theory, calculations can also be undertaken where applicable. Following any analysis project, all of our results are written into an easy-to-understand technical report, summarising the work carried out and clarify all conclusions made from the results.


Where there is a need for an existing design to be optimised, the team at Ardmore Craig can assist and have vas experience in this field. Our team have previously optimised many designs for numerous different criteria, ranging from material or mass reduction to save money on fabrication costs, to the simplification of a complex design without the loss of function.

During the optimisation process, the Ardmore Craig team will gain a thorough understanding of the criteria for change and gather a background understanding of the current design. The existing design is then analysed against the criteria set using similar techniques and methods used to analyse a brand new design.


Ardmore Craig undertake 3rd¬†party verification work on a wide range of equipment, performing independent checks and analysis against recognised international codes. Our previous verification work has been undertaken on behalf of both the end user and on behalf of the equipment¬†designer.

Verification of a design can be carried out by client driven specifications or to a specified standard or recommended practice from a body such as DNV, Lloyds or ASME.

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